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Breast cancer has had a personal hold on my family. My mother and aunt​,​ both had to battle the disease​,​ while my mom was successful in defeating it​,​ my aunt Louise was not. Growing up in a high-risk breast cancer family​,​ I became vigilant and proactive with preventive test every three months for ten years. However​,​ despite my persistence​,​ the cancer still found a way into my body. In 2014​,​ I started my two-year journey with breast cancer​,​ which required numerous surgeries​,​ some coupled with setbacks​,​ but the result was a cancer-free body. Writing this at such a personal level is done because I know first-hand​,​ the importance of early detection and support system you need when this disease invades your body. I don’t want anyone who ever goes through this​,​ to go through it without support or a sense of community or dignity. So we as a company will do our part.


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