Jennifer Xu

US Head of Development
Epic Foundation
Jennifer XJennifer X

What I care about

At Epic​,​ I'm passionate about empowering children and youth around the world through access to quality education​,​ job training and healthcare. I was previously the Director of Investor Relations and Strategic Initiatives at 500 Startups focused on building relationships with LPs​,​ corporate partners and the global portfolio management strategy driving the firm's community of 1​,​800+ investments across 60 countries. I have also served as a researcher at Stanford University focused on education and healthcare reform in Asia. My projects include an edtech pilot designed to supplement government funded-hardware with custom e-learning software​,​ curriculum and teacher training​,​ which was scaled to hundreds of rural schools.



Let's talk about

  • Partnerships
  • Career Development
  • Company Recruitment
  • Industry Expertise
  • Investment
  • Networking
  • New Business
  • Product Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Software
  • Strategy
  • Technology


New York City, NY