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Givsly brings together business results and social impact into one revenue driving solution.

500+ companies are using Givsly to connect with customers based on shared values and desire for greater purpose

1 — How revenue driving teams use Givsly

Connect for business conversations

It is hard to breakthrough the clutter of email outreach. When Givsly members incorporate our tools into their customer outreach, they get two times the response rates versus regular outreach.

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2 — How revenue driving teams use Givsly

Show customer appreciation

Everyone wants to show they appreciate their customers. Choose to substitute material acts of appreciation like gift cards and branded swag by supporting a nonprofit that is important to your customer or aligns with your corporate values.

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3 — How revenue driving teams use Givsly

Increase engagement at events and webinars

Professionals can be in high demand during industry events and webinars. Drive more attendance to your webinar or traffic to your conference booth by incorporating nonprofit donations to encourage event interaction.

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4 — How revenue driving teams use Givsly

React quickly to world events

Our world can change in an instant. When moments of crisis happen, Givsly tools enable members to do their part by incorporating impact into business outreach to help those in need and showcase what your company supports.

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  • Browse the nonprofits your everyday business activities can support

    Givsly has driven over a million dollars to nonprofits with our revenue generating tools.

    Pacific Asian Counseling Services

    One of the country’s few community mental health agencies with a focus on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. PACS serves low-income families and individuals through counseling and other social ...

    Los Angeles, California
    Little Sisters Fund, Inc.

    Little Sisters Fund (LSF) provides scholarships to financially disadvantaged and at-risk girls in Nepal. We partner with the girls & their families to help them become empowered leaders through ...

    California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP)

    The California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project, or CHIRP, is a 501c3 charitable non-profit organization whose mission is: to preserve, protect and perpetuate Nisenan culture. The organization ...

  • Good Business.

    Amplify your business connections with social impact today. With Givsly, you can give back without adding extra work to your day. Enable donations to causes in need while increasing business meeting volume, filling your revenue pipeline, driving event engagement and much more.