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Marketers use Givsly's turnkey solutions to exceed marketing goals while giving back to people and the planet.

  • 500+ companies are using Givsly to achieve their marketing goals and support nonprofits at the same time

  • Good Advertising

    Drive higher ad engagement while helping your brands meet social and environmental expectations.

    Givsly's Good Advertising solution can be easily incorporated into any media plan's ad creative.

    Good Advertising pixel for custom creatives

    Givsly's Good Advertising pixel can be incorporated into any digital media campaign. From Rich Media to CTV, Givsly's pixel helps marketers support causes important to their brand while increasing the engagement in their advertising campaigns.

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  • Good Marketing

    Move customers through your marketing funnel quicker by applying more sustainable demand generation strategies that support communities in need.

    Givlsy's Good Marketing solution helps marketers incorporate purpose into demand generation strategies.

    Sustainable event activations

    Reduce your negative impact on the environment by replacing unwanted event promotional items with a nonprofit donation on behalf of potential event attendees.

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    Givsly has driven close to 1.5 million dollars to nonprofits with our revenue generating tools.

    New York Legal Assistance Group
    Human and Civil Rights

    NYLAG uses the power of the law to combat social, racial, and economic injustice through free legal representation and advocacy for people who are experiencing a legal crisis but can't afford an ...

    New York, New York
    Human Services

    Soles4Souls turns shoes and clothing into educational and economic opportunities. Our programs, 4Opportunity, 4Relief,4EveryKid and 4ThePlanet, aim to make a positive difference on the planet and in ...

    Green The Bid

    Green The Bid is a nonprofit, grassroots organization bringing brands, agencies, production and post companies together in a pre-competitive environment to shift the commercial production industry to ...

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